What is MPEEN’s strategy?

MPEEN’s mission is to promote equitable access to functional and quality education, and restore the natural environment for sustainable growth and livelihood of Ugandans. 

Since 2010, we have acknowledged that the high illiteracy rate and the threats to the natural environment are either due to extreme poverty, lack of awareness, or absence of alternatives. Hence, to mitigate these challenges, all our strategy is underpinned by the acronym, PEN.



During this stage, we work with the people, communities, or institutions to implement the project activities–to achieve sustainable impact.


At this phase, we train and empower the people, communities, or institutions on specific project aspects and benefits.


During this period, we support and work cooperatively with the people, communities, or institutions involved in the project to develop and succeed. 

Hence, we use this approach to engage and collaborate proactively with the project communities, to recreate the natural green environment, and improve access to and quality of education.