Patrick Micheal Okeng is the co-founder and Executive Director of Multi-Stakeholder Platform on Education & Environment (MPEEN), where he oversees the organisation’s country-wide operations in both the education and environment sectors.

Under Patrick’s leadership, MPEEN has extended its capacity to swiftly respond to environmental crises and meet the educational needs of several vulnerable children and families, mainly caused by armed conflict, HIV/AIDS and natural disasters. The organisation is executing an ambitious nationwide strategy to provide explicit outputs, robust evidence and proactive research to the educational and environmental programmes by collaborating with the public and private sectors.

From 2016 to 2017, Patrick was the Dean Faculty of Education of Kayiwa International University, developing holistic study programmes, and conducting research to inform government policies and programmes. Between 2011 and 2015, Patrick served as the Head of Chemistry Department of Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Senior Secondary School, where he introduced several reforms, including regular staff training, teaching using local materials, and peer teaching of practical lessons. Furthermore, in 2017, as the Secretary of the Uganda Management Alumni Association, he championed the countrywide tree planting programme to mitigate the impact of climate change in the country.

Patrick graduated as a commonwealth scholar from the University of Cambridge in 2019 with a master’s of philosophy in education, globalisation and international development. Patrick also graduated with a master’s in higher education management and administration in 2015 from Uganda Management Institute, and received a bachelor’s of science with education in 2011 from Kyambogo University, which he attended as a government-sponsored Scholar. During his studies, Patrick served as the Commonwealth Knowledge Hub Coordinator for inclusive education (2018-2019); the Guild President, Uganda Management Institute (2013) and the Vice Guild President, Kyambogo University (2009-2010).

His distinguished achievements in leadership and practice in the education sector have enhanced his reputation and made him a worthy advocate for the common good and the country’s disadvantaged population.

Patrick, his wife and father are all educationists. As a professional teacher and management scholar, he brings an individual devotion to MPEEN’s work. He lives in Kampala City with his wife, Regina Auma, and their two daughters, Blessing and Bronnie.