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MPEEN  is an Indigenous non-profit organisation tackling poverty and inequality by supporting marginalised boys and girls to go to school and succeed, and empowering them to step up as leaders of change. Our current 5-year goal is to support 1 million children through secondary school, and on into entrepreneurship and leadership in their communities. 
Our current 5-year goal is to support 1 million children through secondary school, and on into entrepreneurship and leadership in their communities.

Give a gift today and transform a child’s future

Let them discover their future through Education.

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TheUgandan School system starts with Nursery School (lasting 3 years), PrimarySchool (lasting 7 years) then Secondary School for O’ level (4 years) and A’ level(2 years). On completion of O’ level, the students have the opportunity to gofor Vocational Training or continue with A’ level and then joinUniversity. The Ugandan school year consists of three terms, which allrequire payment of school fees.  

Through the education and empowerment that MPEEN provides, these resilient young boys and girls are transforming their lives, and the lives of many other vulnerable children in their communities.

Create Love

To help learners choose and proceed on an optimal career path based on their ability, desire and available opportunities.

Create Awareness

To help learners obtain an orientation to the employment sector and develop transferable skills such as effective communication skills, teamwork skills and management skills so that they will become productive and efficient members of the work force.


To mobilize and sensitize the communities on the better means of exploiting their potentials to support orphans, vulnerable and traumatized children.


To organize capacity building workshops for teachers, parents and community leaders as a means of creating awareness and the need for improved education and motivating teachers.

Through our team


Ecology 82%
Recycling 87%
Keep green 99%
Lives 93%

Kampala to Kapchorwa Walk

In September 2017, MPEEN teamed up with Walkers Association of Uganda and successfully did a long walk of 320kms from Kampala to Kapchorwa. The main theme of the walk was creating awareness on the effects of climate change to the local population.

International Wetlands Day

MPEEN carried a number of activities during the 2018 Wetlands Day National celebration that was hosted by Arua District local Government on the 2nd March 2018.



Education | Empowerment | Environment